Conference Schedule

Please note that all times are listed in Central Daylight Time (UTC-5).

Tuesday, April 6

9:30 AMWelcome
Thomas Finan, Chair, Department of History, Saint Louis University
10:00 AMInvasion and Conquest
Fortification Reforms as a Reaction to the Mongol Invasions of Europe
Stephen Pow

The Rock of Lough Key and the Siege of 1235: What were the Anglo-Normans Attacking?
Thomas Finan
12:00 PMKeynote
Re-thinking Castles in Maritime Contexts: Galley-power, tolls and fish
Richard Oram, University of Stirling

Wednesday, April 7

9:00 AMArchaeology in the Lab
Wild Boar Ivory in the Late Medieval Trautson Castle: Identification of an Object through Raman Spectroscopy
Hubert Ilsinger

How much can we get out of dendrochronology? A case of a 14th-century keep in Siedlęcin (Poland)
Przemysław Nocuń

A preliminary study on the impact of Biodeterioration on the Medieval Stone Monuments
Mayank Singh

In Ruins: Trautson Castle as a Case Study in the Taphonomy of Bomb Damage and Renewal at Late Medieval Castles
Elisabeth Waldhart
12:00 PMKeynote
The Hofburg Project
Markus Jeitler, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Thursday, April 8

10:00 AMThe Castle in the Landscape
New Perspectives on Rural Nucleated Settlement at Irish Castle Sites
Vicky McAlister and Jenny Immich

A Ring of Mottes and Monasteries: John de Courcy’s Strangford Lough
Thomas Barrows

Continuation and Inconvenience or: cemeteries and castles in the eleventh and twelfth centuries
Therron Welstead
12:00 PMThe Castle as Political Space
Queen Captive: Eleanor of Aquitaine
Kailen Kinsey

The Castle as a Node of Internecine Conflict in Gaelic Ireland
Margaret K. Smith

The fortresses of the eternal kings. Connections, castles, and royal saints in the borderlands of Swedish power. 1450-1523.
Wilhelm Ljungar
2:00 PMKeynote
Castle Context and Digital Methods
Edward Triplett, Duke University

Friday, April 9

9:00 AMCastle Studies in the Classroom: A Pedagogical Conversation
Kilcolman Castle in VR: New Visions in Teaching, Research, and Outreach
Thomas Herron, Vicky McAlister, and Ruth Canning

Thomas Finan

After the paper and response, we invite attendees to participate in a conversation about bringing castle studies to the classroom.
11:00 AMCastle Afterlives
The Architectural Afterlife of Tattershall Castle
James Wright

The most castley-castle ever: Examining visitors’ perceptions of castles
Lynsey Coombs

‘A special case’? Historic Scotland’s restoration of Stirling Castle and the Scottish castle conservation debate
Tom Fairfax
1:00 PMKeynote
Castles and Equine Landscapes: Problems and Possibilities for Integrated Analysis
Oliver Creighton, University of Exeter, and Robert Liddiard, University of East Anglia
2:30Conference Conclusion
Thomas Finan